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Visit the Vinduino booth # 2130 at World Ag Expo 2018, February 13-15 in Tulare, California.

Vinduino announces wireless irrigation valve controller and eOrchard application
This new farm management software optimizes use of water and nutrients in vineyards and orchards

Vinduino wireless irrigation valve controller

Temecula, CA (AgPR) — Vinduino,, a precision irrigation technology company based in Temecula, and eVineyard, a European company specialized in farm management applications, announce two new products at the World Ag Expo 2018 in Tulare, Calif.

The new eOrchard grove management application is fully customized to meet the needs of growers and offers many features, like: work planning, reporting, cost allocation, and precision irrigation based on local weather data and Vinduino soil moisture measurements. This unique approach optimizes the use of scarce resources, saving time and cost.

The Vinduino wireless irrigation valve controller is optimized for working with the eVineyard and eOrchard applications, and accurately and securely controls irrigation for optimal water use and achieving the desired crop targets.

One single controller can support up to 5 irrigation valves, is solar powered, and virtually maintenance free.

The controller uses an encrypted and secure wireless LoRaWAN network, and can share the network with other devices such as the Vinduino soil moisture sensor stations. The useful range of LoRaWAN networks can be several miles with line-of-sight, and one network can include hundreds of stations.

“We listened to our customers and have developed a controller to accurately implement irrigation schedules, allowing for tighter management of irrigation water use and crop quality,” says Reinier van der Lee, founder and CEO of Vinduino. “In concert with our partner eVineyard a full farming solution for orchards was developed, and is now added to our available solutions.”

new eOrchard management application now offered by Vinduino

"With eOrchard, savings in orchard management are affordable, and easy to use for any grove," adds Matic Serc, CEO at eVineyard. “This is a great example of how IoT technologies add value to agriculture, and we're excited to be working with Vinduino on these new product introductions."

All announced products are expected be available in Spring 2018. More information and pre-ordering details are available from the companies listed below, or at the Vinduino booth # 2130 at World Ag Expo 2018, February 13-15 in Tulare, California.

To build the future of agriculture technology and increase optimized usage of scarce resources, Vinduino helps agriculture communities to better manage irrigation through open source and affordable water-saving technology. We are the exclusive distributor of eVineyard in California.Our award winning products are proudly designed and assembled in Temecula Wine Country, California. For more information visit

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